The Latest of the “Radical” Franchises!?!

Good Morning Everyone,

So what’s up with the whole “Radical” Thing you might be asking yourself?!?

Well, my name is David Brown and I’ve been scurrying around Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, for the last two months working on bringing former Military Engineer Jim Merkel, author of “Radical Simplicity: Small Footprints on a Finite Earth”(2003) and  to the city. (I would encourage you to check out his Website and see if you can answer the Two Questions/Riddles that he poses in each of the First Two Paragrahs of the First Chapter of his Book, that you can conveniently read online right there at the site!?!) You are more than welcome to respond with your answers if you like in the “Comments” Section of this Blog.

In anycase, as I was telling University of New Brunswick’s Renaissance College Professor James Hughes about Jim Merkel & his book, and how I came to be talking to him, James, about him, Jim, when he, James, suggested that I should write a book called “Radical Coincidences”.

I thought that actually sounded like it might be a pretty interesting idea but since I was already on the “Merkel Train”/”RadicalSimplicity” Bandwagon (or “in”/”on”?!? The “USS Belfast”, more on that later!?!) what the heck, lets go all in on the “Simplicity” Thing or Theme and Rhyme along, with “Serendipity”. (And if you have ever seen the Movie “Dogma” there are other fairly reasonable excuses, at least I felt as though there were, for picking the word as well.)

So that’s the start of what should be quite a Journey of the “What a Long, Strange (“Serendipidous”?!?) Trip it has Been” Type. I’ll get writing as soon as I can to continue the story but I really have to get a few things done first. So as Arnold said to the Policeman way, way back in the first “Terminator” Movie: “I’ll be back”!?!

Take care of yourself until the next time.

Sincerely, Sustainably, Simply, Serenely & wait for it…Serendipitously,

David Brown